Quick question. I own a new Camaro which I have insured trough USAA. Few weeks ago I had to run into Walmart to get something that I really needed and as I went inside I would say for maybe 5-7 minutes, I came back out to find out someone had keyed my car. So is this something I can claim under my insurance and would this affect my premium? People just don't have any respect for others property this days


Figure out what you deductible is for comprehensive first then get a damage estimate. If it costs more then your deductible to fix it then its worth it. If it doesn't then don't make the claim. It can change your premium but most likely won't.
Yes you can claim it, you'll have to pay your comprehensive deductible. Depending on your deductible it may be cheaper to take it to a body shop and have them buff it out. There is a small possibility that comprehensive claims can make your rates go up.
Ok thanks, yea this can't be buffed out.