Ask USAA to use non-abusive Overdraft System Software

Banks today tailor their debit posting software to run transactions from Highest to Lowest, ensuring that our we will accrue more NSF fee's from the highest charge causing our accounts to go negative before the lesser charges go through. This creates more negative charges for NSF fees. Example; ever spend $5, $10 on Monday and on Tuesday spend $100 and somehow the $100 charge shows up first? Of course we all have. This is by design. So if all we have is $100 the bank can get 2 NSF fee's as oppose to 1. Please assist me in lobbying our bank to use a fair system to processes Debit's and checks in the correct order. If not for the NSF fee's alone, also to get rid of the management nightmare..


This is why I am glad my son talked me into a USAA account. I was watching my charges at my old bank and saw that everything was going ok I also saw that a signed debt was going to cause me to go into overdraft but according to there system all items with a * were not reflected in the balance so meaning that if there was no * it was already accounted for even though the item was still in pending. Sure enough the one * item went though and I had 8 NSFs at 39.00 each it does no good to call and complain about it as it just "fell" in the order that it was done so to speak. It sure was funny that the 8 items had already been accounted for but all of a sudden they were after the non accounted for item. As I had just lost my job it was a double wammy as well as my power bill, car renewal and of course gas for the car were all due.

If you use your USAA credit card as an overdraft protection vehicle you will never incur NSF charges.