SGT Rogers

USAA Members,

USAA continues to supports the NFL who completely disprespects our country and veterans.  I understand business relationships are complicated and not quickly changed.  However, USAA has made it clear, well over a year that it supports the disrespect of our flag and those who have given all for our country.  If you continue to be a customer of theirs, you are complicit in this.  Please take the time to do what you know is right and move your business elsewhere.



@SGT Rogers, these players are using a platform for social protest using constitutional freedoms that you fight for and protect. I wish they would do it in another fashion as well, but it is their right to do so and I will not stand in the way of that. This has nothing to do with disrespecting our flag or the troops, if you believe that, then I'm sorry for you.


Across this country, there are instances of racial profiling by police officers and abuse of power. Now there are two sides to every story and some, like Minnesota were clear cut racial profiling and abuse of power by police and others such as the Missouri incident, we will never truly know. If you truly can turn a blind eye to your fellow citizens struggles and issues and get upset about players using the platform that they have to bring it to the attention of the many, with the freedoms that you fight for, then you may want to look inside and ask why you fight at all? If you feel as strongly as you do, move on, that should be enough. Just because an issue is not important to you, it doesn't mean it isn't worth fighting for in the eyes of others. It may make you uncomfortable and it's easy to state that they should stop due to disrespecting military members, etc.....but this country doesn't necessarily treat all of it's citizens the same way and the fact that someone had the courage to stand up and risk losing all and lets be honest, Colin Kaepernick lost all, that isn't something that should divide, it should be something that makes you stop and think and ask, what is going on? Are all Americans getting the same freedoms and liberties that I fight for or have fought for? If not, isn't that a problem and shouldn't it be brought to the collective's attention?


By the way, I am a white male in my thirties, who has served in our nations military and am proud of it, so this is not coming from the perspective of those that have to deal with this reality everyday and are civilians.

I do agree with the first reply.  The kneeling, represents Freedom of Speech, and is not intended to show disrespect to the country nor the flag.  I'm confused by those offended by the kneeling, but who are silent about a man who: disrespects a POW war hero (John mcCain); a Gold Star family, an admiral who was a SEAL for 37 years, and all vets by not going to a the cemetary in France, to honor US troops who died during world wars...please don't tell me he was too busy...40 or so other world leaders went, by car, in the rain....and on Veteran's day, this 5 time draft dodger didn't even go to Arlington, which is only two miles from the White House.

He's too busy fighting with media members to pay that sort of respect lol. Not to make light of it, but it is sad that he took that stance. The difference in this to, is that this was directly related to paying respect to veterans and those that paid the ultimate sacrifice, versus the NFL social protest issue, where people have made it about the military, when in fact it was never about that at all. 

It is clear the NFL players who kneel don't know which side their bread is buttered on.  Just the same, they have an unquestioned right to express themselves in this way.  Their method is ill-advised; many people find it objectionable, but it nevertheless remains their right.  The NFL, as a business, has opted to tolerate their protests because to do otherwise would (they believe) prove detrimental to their bottom line.  USAA, as a business, has opted to purchase/leverage the exposure made possible by the NFL in order to find and attract new members.  But it does not follow that USAA is therefore guilty of the perceived sins of the players.


The players are responsible for their actions.  If you disagree with the players, should not the players be the focus of your disagreement?    



@Farmboy, couldn't agree with you more, USAA involvement with the NFL, is the same reason the NFL tolerates it, as you mentioned, bottom line. A lot of people watch the NFL, and USAA seeks to capitalize on that exposure. That is my problem with USAA, not that they "back the NFL or it's players", it is the fact that they are being disingenous and stating that the reason they do this is for military appreciation, that may be a great tag line during the commercials, but it is simply to increase market share amongst those of us who serve or have served. 



It will be interesting to see if USAA remains an NFL sponsor after the 2018-19 season and this 10 year deal (if accurate) expires.

I would guess not, just as PenFed has tried to distance themselves from the Redskins and taken up hockey and baseball as their preferred sports.


If white players came out in blackface and hoodies as their demonstration of social support for a cause they would be condemned for being offensive.


The kneeling players, once they were made aware their actions were offensive, should have had the common decency to stop, and the commen sense to find an alternative form of protest.  They were even offered better options but refused.


Flynace, I respectfully disagree with you there. If we always worried about who we would "offend", many revolutions and ultimately great things would not have occurred. This country would not have been founded, Lincoln would have never signed the 13th amendment, women never would have gained the right to vote, Brown V Board of Education, etc.....my belief is that sometimes what is ultimately right, is sometimes offensive or uncomfortable. Many people were offended by those that took a stand on the issues of women voting, blacks being treated the same as whites, etc, but were they supposed to just sit down and stop because people were offended? We do not live in an ideal world unfortunately and that means that if we as whites or veterans are not going to stand behind those citizens that are wronged and hold someone accountable, then I believe offensive measures must be taken to bring it to our attention unfortunately. It does no good to be offensive for offensive sake, but if it is to make a lasting change that is good for the whole, then sometimes offensive measures must be taken. PEACEFUL measures, but maybe offensive nonetheless. Happy New Year!

Hi jimmyb84, I am not against protests in general or implying these protests should have stopped, only questioning the effectiveness of the form of protest once they became politicised.

One opinion may be that any publicity is 'good' publicity, and/or viewing the political arena as a better venue for awareness and change.

The protesters were offered alternative platforms with the potential for more coverage to voice their concerns outside of the political arena and declined.

At that point they made the choice "to be offensive for offensive sake".


It's interesting to hypothesize what Lincoln might do with instant mass near global communication in this era of polical correctness...


First of all, you are in no position to characterize what I or any other USAA member is by remaining a customer.  Now if you are going to subsidize every member's insurance premiums so that they are equivalent to USAA rates to include the SSA plan, you may have some say. But my bottom dollar tells me you won;t do that and are not in a financial  position to do that.

These NFL players who take the knee irritate me but not for the reasons you cite. Those you quoted were mere "fabrications" by the current "stooge" pretending to be president. No one else but his cronies look at the "social protest" that way. They are all facing in direction of the flag and the anthem and that is ALL that matters. Now when was the last time you drove over the speed limit by intent or by accident?  Then you broke the law vy doing so.  Should USAA and it's members allow you to stay with the company? By your speeding, you are helping to drive up rates, especially if you are ticketted or worse have an accident.I'm on Twitter and I #Resist does that make me an enemy of the state?