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Summer is upon us and with it, the prime PCS season. Are you preparing for a move or did you just complete a military move? We’d love to hear how your move went.


  1. Did you do a DITY (Do it yourself move) or have Military Movers?
  2. Where are you going or where did you move to?
  3. Lastly, please share you BEST moving tip, whether it is to feed the packers or hide your cat; please share!

I’m looking forward to reading your tips. Some of the best moving advice I have received is from members like you!



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I am thankful this summer we are not preparing to move. With two young children and a dog you could not pay me enough to make a DITY/PPM (personally procured move) move worth it. I think about all of the things we have accumulated the past five years at our current duty station in addition to all of the kid’s stuff- NO WAY. I would however plan to do a partial PPM to move some of our irreplaceable and personal items.

My best tip is to really prepare your home for a move. You will NOT be happy unpacking in the chaos of boxes if you do not take a little time to organize your kitchen (wrap silverware trays with saran wrap), bedrooms (each drawer stored in its own zip top bag for east unpacking) and bathroom (throw away the toilet bowl brush lest it get packed with your towels-gross) before a move.

Looking forward to hearing your tips!