I recently applied on line for a USAA Master Card Rewards card. I was advised that my application would be answered in a few hours and to check my messages. After checking for several days, I decided to re apply. Same storey... Checked my messages the next morning. Approved with a strong limit. Card is on its way. Then today I get a new message.... Approved for a second account also with a strong limit. Now I have two cards with very high limits. I am quite happy to be approved like this but I was wondering what some of you more experienced users would do.


I would put one card away, locked away not to be used. Use the other card and don't max it out!
I have 3 cards myself, I also have a very nice credit score, if you know how to manage yourself and your money, then use them both that would be best just py early and never miss a payment, I'm an experienced card user so I say go for it. WHAT EVER YOU DO, DO NOT CLOSE THE ACCOUNT, it will drop your credit gerastically!

I wonder what interest rate they are charging you? I pay 6%.

Hey Thanks People! Ihave been fortunate because these accounts will allow me to report a very low usage. Interest does not matter because I never buy on credit what I can not buy in cash. Gonna use this blessing wisely.