I have been with USAA for almost 36 years. It used to be a family of military people that took care of its own. Now, as the underwriter explained when she told me they were dropping my coverage, they are a BUSINESS. This company did not have any trouble taking my money the last 36 years but now, when my teenagers are having typical driving incidents, its time to dump us. Somehow this is NOT what I expected from USAA-Shame On YOU!!


I had a similar experience when USAA found out that my son who had served time in prison -- a regretable mistake on his part -- came back to live with us so that he could make a start on his life again.  USAA gave me notice that they would cancel my homewners and auto insurance under those circumstances,  I had been with the company for close to 50 years.  USAA is not the friendly altruistic company, but a business despite their public face on TV. I was told that when my son moved out, I could apply for insurance again with USAA and they would consider then if they would insure me again.  I have no intention of doing that at all.