One aspect of customer service many companies don't take into consideration is how to constructively deal with the mentally disabled. I suffer from amnesia and PTSD, among other things, and I find dealing with the ins and outs of finance extremely challenging. Often I'll be confused or frustrated and must ask for repeated details or instruction. I'm even intimidated by the security question feature, which I have no hope of remembering. No matter my concern, no matter the department, the employees of USAA have treated me with universal courtesy and compassion. In fact, I was just contacted by a staff member who offered detailed suggestions about how to constructively deal with the unique challenge the security question feature throws at me. The new option of having a knowledgable staff member familiar with Medicare D to advise me is a fantastic addition. I know (and regret) that I'm not an easy customer to deal with. But for insurance, claims, banking, auto loans or anything else I ask about, I'm always treated as though I'm the most important person in the room, and the advice I've received has been excellent. Many thanks.