So today on 12/23/13 I spoke to a rep, who in my opinion was pretty rude. I escalated the call to her manager and I was completely taken care of. The issue started when I deposited a check at a UPS store USAA held some of the check it honestly wasn't a big deal. So I used the remainder of the money in my account to pay my car payment and I went to a steak house which used all the money in my USAA account. however I noticed that I spent a dollar more than I should have. Literally ONE DOLLAR!!! If I didn't get a dollar bill back into my account, my car payment would bounce, because all my other money was in my wells fargo (sorry) account, and I knew I couldn't get it in time to USAA. I asked the manager if she could release $1.00 off the hold so my car payment wouldn't bounce (I know I should just use USAA and not two banks) I knew it was and is my fault it happened had I had kept all my money in one bank or checked before I blindly swiped my debit card, she was able to find some fee I was charged a long time ago and reverse it. She completly saved the day, Im happy she did what she did only if I could remember her name but she is a LIFE SAVER. I would have never forgiven myself if 100 pennies caused my car payment to bounce. So I hope she can get some recognition and Im keeping all my money in USAA from now on!!!!!!