I would like to say that Anthony Orlando (sorry if I spelled your name wrong) treated me with tremendous respect . He went way out of his way to help with questions that werent even in his section . He politely asked if he could put me on hold would research what he needed to do and call to other sections to get my answer . He was extremely kind, he took almost an hour (probably like 45minutes) out of his time to do all this and then when I asked he politely gace my his extention . If anyone from his area of work that is above him, tell him he does an amazing job, and also reward him in at least some small way, like a day off or half a day off (payed of course) .


USAA has the BeST customer service reps. I spoke to a Melissa today and I wish I would have gotten her last name because I have spoke with her before and she is amazing. I had questions about the app (which is not her dept) and she pulled her phone out to look at the app and explain some things to me while we had it in front of both of us. She was truly amazing. Funny how when I get off the phone with someone I have to pay a bill to I am surprisingly in a great mood because they are so nice to talk to lol!