Here’s my story (in a nutshell)….my ex-husband and I joined the Military directly after High School, because our parents could not afford to send us to college.  We joined USAA in 1992 and have been member’s ever since. 


In 1999 he and I divorced and I separated from the Army, yet I still kept my USAA Auto insurance with USAA.  In 2001, I was blessed to be able to buy a home and I then added my homeowner insurance to my list of loyalty to USAA along with their banking.  My daughter and I currently bank with USAA.  So, as a single parent starting out brand new into the “civilian world”…I was struggling to work and go to school in addition to raising my daughter.  I went to school (over time) and finally graduated in October 2011. 


I am currently still in my home.  However, over that time period I had some storm damage to my home which required my roof to be replaced.  I filed a claim and USAA paid my claim to have my roof replaced.   I am not making any excuses and I own it, however I made a major mistake!  Because I was not able to come out of pocket for the deductible, I only had the roof repaired and have been continuing to have it repaired over the years. 


Well, to my surprise, because I NEVER replaced the roof and only repaired it…I received a nice letter from USAA a few weeks ago that based on that fact, if I cannot have the roof replaced by the expiration of my current coverage (September 13, 2013), they will have to drop me!!


I am very disappointed and sadden by that fact, because I now I am not able to come out of pocket for the full amount of the cost to replace my roof.  I own that I made a  horrible decision, however after 21 years of loyalty, I expected different. 


Delphine Williams


Ms. Williams is working and attempting to live within her means & that should be rewarded.

Perhaps USAA needs an in-house ombudsman or someone geared to truly finding solutions which would work to the benefit of members and the company alike.  

A roof does have a life and suffers degradation over time and one does have to save over time for replacement.  Perhaps USAA could have an approved list of roofing contractors which would be able to keep costs down and insure quality economical work for members like Ms Williams or offer an economical home equity loan to do the replacement while rolling it into the mortgage etc..etc..