Always There, for 50+ Years

I'm the eldest of five children, all of us proud to be Army Brats. My late father first signed up with USAA in the early 1950's, so my siblings and I literally "grew up" with USAA. Through various assignments all over the globe, USAA was with us, even during the scary times when the auto policy included 3 teenage drivers at the same time! 3000 words aren't enough to tell all the stories, of course, but here's the most recent: I take care of of my elderly mother (92), who, mercifully, no longer drives. Late last year I decided to look into saving some premium money by combining coverage of her car and my own (a proud lady, my mom may not have a license, but still wants "her" car with her name on the title). Assuming this would be something of a bureaucratic nightmare to accomplish, I clenched my teeth and made the call to USAA. In 15 minutes the deed was done, and the policy was amended to show me as sole regular driver of both vehicles with my mother listed as "non-operating owner." And - the savings in premiums were substantial to boot. My father used to say "The Army takes care of its own." I don't think it's disrespectful to add: "......and so does USAA."
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