USAA WakeUp. Seeing so many negative stories, is Not a Good Sign..


USAA doesn't care anymore.

Apparently so, sad but true. I feel bad for military families.  They have enough to deal with without harrassment from USAA.

I''ve been with USAA since 1995, and I can't ever say that they have let me down. I see all these complaints and wonder is it the company or just our society that is the right now generation.

I have been with USAA for too many years to count and my experience has been uniformly positive. I suspect that with a forum like this it is really only the people with an axe to grind who have the impetus to post. I don't think the overall negativity here is indicative of the satisfaction level of the average USAA member.

I hope u r right ysette9 that it is only the disgruntled who tend to post and that happy customers don't tend to post.....but I have had a couple of negative experiences the past few years. Most recently just last month. After getting a lot of run around, incompetent advice, and feeling a great mistrust of the  customer service, I FINALLY got to executive level help, and my problem caused by usaa error was finally resolved.


It should have been solved with the first phone call. Because of the poor service, I did move a lot of money out of usaa.  lack of quality customer service by a company who rides on the coat tails of the soldiers is disingenous.  I'd rather be with a big bank and have the same cruddy service but without feeling like we are being used because of our military background.  


Sorry to say that it feels like usaa has misplaced it's commitment to the military who helped to get them where they r today.


I do appreciate that executive level service resolved my problem for me, but I'm still angry that I had to b reduced to insanity before they finally contacted me.

I have been a member since 1953 [61 years] For all of that time until the past year I have extremely SATISFIED with aqll but 2 problems whitch finally was staken care off, What has happened in the past year/ First in July when my House Insurance be came due. I was informed my house value & insuranced because of a new roof after a hale storm in 2009 my house was more valueable. Yesturday [10/11/24] I was informed by phone that since I had 3 MY FAULT incendences, USSA paid 2 0f them & I personaly paid for the other one,. Be cause ot this my PERSONAL UMBREELLA POLICY COULD NOT BE RENEWED . However it did not effect my car insurance. AS A MEMBER I HAVE [1] HOUSE insurence,Mortage, Master card that adds up TO OVER $40,000,00 a year and is always paid each month with in a week after I recieve my Statement.& car insurance[ A car, A pick up & a golf cart] WITH ALL THE MONEY YOU ARE SPENDING ON ADs WHY DO THE OLDER MEMBERS GET THE SHAFT. I AM 91 years young , A Retired MAJOR [Mustang} AND A SERVICE CONNECTED D V &  POW TO DAY YOu ARE NOT THE COMPANY THAT I JOINED IN 1953.. I WILL BE QUITE SURPRISED IF I RECIEVE A PERSONAL REPLY & NOT CANNED LETTER