Well, my fiancé and I have been together for a year and a half and it's been a real comfort to just drive to Bragg to see one another. With his reenlistment, we are pcs-ing to Fort Richardson, Alaska. This is my first one and I'm not really sure how to go about and start planning for it. We need a new truck and need to pay some of our debt before we go. I'm not sure whether to do a DITY move or do it on our own and whether to live on or off post. We are getting married before we go in July, but if know its a process so I want to start early. Any suggestions?


And we don't have furniture, so I'm not sure either to buy there or bring it from here. Also I would need to find a job and go to school.

Anchorage has alot more options for furniture, schools and a job. I would defiantly do a dity move if you could we did one when we PCSed to Fort Wainwright and it was way better for us we had just gotten married. you dont NEED a truck anchorage does get more snow but its not horrible a good all wheel drive car will also do just fine I have a front wheel drive car my husband got in a little fender bender after we got warm weather then froze on ice but other then that I havent had any problems at all. not sure about housing and all that but we have drove down from fairbanks to shop and visit and there is ALOT of shopping there so you will have plenty of options for house stuff like that target, khols, ashley furniture and a few other furniture stores.

Hope that was able to help a little bit