has anyone made the drive to Alaska from east coast? From what I saw its over 4000 miles? I am debating about driving to ft Richardson with the family. I guess the question is is it safe to drive up there in Janurary? With a 7 and a 2 yr old?


I drove to Fort Rich in January 1992 with two kids (4 and 2), two big dogs, a cockatoo and a pregnant wife. It was a great adventure for all of us. As with any PCS move, planning and preparation are key. Do a lot of research on your route. Half of all the "towns" along the ALCAN rolled up their sidewalks and headed to Florida for the winter. Keeping that in mind, rule number 1 for driving in the winter- get gas every chance you get... if you need it or not. We had 10 gallons with us just in case. Like I said, research your route. Knowing where to stop will ease anxiety on such a long trip. Some days will be 750 miles of driving, some will be 300. You will get there! We had $1000 in cash with us. Money talks... credit cards not so much. The winter drive was beautiful. When I went, some of the road was not yet paved so the snow filled the potholes and made for a smooth ride. They keep the roads groomed for semi traffic but you can drive the whole day and not see another car on the road. Look up Laird Hot Springs and plan to spend some time there. 80 degree water in the middle of the Yukon is a great spa after a long drive. We also had a CB but cell phones make that unnecessary. Check your coverage. I am sure I missed a couple things but it was a great experience and well worth the effort. Keep the kids fed and entertained and I hope you find it just as enjoyable.
If you are familiar with driving on snow and ice and have good tires on your vehicle you should have no problem making the drive. I have done this drive to Texas a couple of times but TN is as Far East as we have gone and we did that trip in seven days. My biggest advice to you is to go online maybe to Amazon and order a copy of the Milepost. It will cost you about 30.00 but is well with the cost as it gives you a breakdown of each mile you will travel and goes so far as to tell you what gas stations and stores are open during the winter. The other thing you should do is check out the Canadian boarder website because they can be somewhat strict on things that you are crossing with even the amount of cash you are carrying, more is better. As Joevon said carry a can of fuel in the bed of your truck or if traveling in a car it should be strapped outside the vehicle. Many people strap it to the rear bumper. All this being said, preparation and planning is key but this can be the trip of a lifetime for you and your family....I highly recommend it. Oh and if traveling with pets start checkng in to getting them ready six months before the trip just to make sure everything is in order and your trip doesn't get delayed for some silly rule Canada or the U.S. has about pets. Have fun!!
Oh and don't take the Casssiar highway.. Way to dangerous during the winter in my opinion.
I've driven in snow n got a new z71 so tired n all that good. I really appreciate the advice from everyone