After 40 Years Still Love USAA - But a Suggestion...

Because of the Givernment wide hack many of us now have security freezes in place. It can be cumbersome to temporarily remove some of them as I recently discovered...

USAA appears to use one credit service for its credit card applications and perhaps its loan services.

Given the fact that many of us are now going to be dealing with lifting emporary credit freezes could USAA begin to use all 3 credit services to make it easier for those applying for such things?




Thank you for your 40 years of membership! I undretsand exactly what you are saying and I will surely pass your suggestion along to our banking team. We value our members suggestions and feedback, thanks again!

USAA uses Equifax in their loan decisioning and it takes about 30 seconds to remove a freeze temporarily. You can either remove it temporarily or for a specific lender. If you go the specific lender route, Equifax will issue you a four digit code to give to the lender when you are applying for a loan. It's that easy.