After 26 years, I am done with USAA banking.

Their "fraud detection" department has made my USAA Mastercard useless.  In short, they suck.


I am taking 100% of my banking business elsewhere.


I agree.  Second time this summer.  My USAA Visa is absolutely worthless.  I never know if it will be denied.  I have excellent credit and a ton of money invested with USAA.  I can't go on vacation or buy a computer without USAA calling me up suspecting some sort of fraud.  I check my accounts almost everyday.  I don't need USAA second guessing my every move.  I too will be moving on. 

Not even three weeks later they do it to me again.  I can't go to the store or get gas in my hometown without USAA saying someone is committing fraud with my credit card.   Would that be me, the account holder, who hasn't been late on a payment in 16 years?   I'm through with USAA.  The claim they are protecting the consumer, but they are really just protecting themselves.   It reminds me of the generals in the Pentagon who would push down senseless, ineffective trainning on the troop while they broke the generals broke same rules they were trying to impose on the troops.  Yeah right.