I see and hear wonderful stories about how easy it is to use USAA and how great their services are, but I have not been able to make the switch to them because all I get is a run around. I was just hung up on while trying to start my auto insurance process because they do not offer motorcycle insurance. I also hear that the mortgage rates are higher for USAA members than other banks. So I can't bundle my home and auto insurance and would get ripped off if I refinance my mortgage with USAA. Is there any real reason I should even be a member here?


Not anymore is there a reason.  I have to be careful what I say because I cannot say anything on this site.

USAA is no longer a great company.  I've had nothing but grief and mismanagement with checking, bill paying, homeowner's insurance, my debit card and denials of applications for a mortgage..  The once shining bank is a real stinker now.  The current CEO is retiring which is the only good thing at USAA.  Hope the new CEO is smarter, better.  Count your blessing that you did not become a member.  I'm slowing unwinding myself from them.  I've have so many night-mare stories all in the last 12 months.

Too funny, I tried to post a message about how bad USAA has become and got an ERROR message.  It would not post.  Just show's it's good to stay away

Tried to post a response and all I get is


An Unexpected Error has occurred.

Sorry, your request failed. A notification has been sent to the development team for investigation.

Exception ID 1EE72296

Please click the Back button on your browser.


Stay away, they've seriously gone to the dogs.