Absolutely Incredible Customer Care!!! (Helped with our Wedding)

As my fiance and I plan our wedding we have been working to do our best to ensure her family can attend. She is orgininally from Europe (Albania) and in order to attend they must be granted Travel Visas. This can be a difficult process to begin with so we have done everything we can in order to ensure that our sponsorship documents are in perfect order for the Embassy to review. One requirement for sponsorship was supporting documentation with detailed financial information, to ensure we are financially stable. It was a request that USAA was not familiar with. After a brief explanantion, Sylvia (I wish I knew her last name) came through in the best kind of way and got me exactly what I needed on a terribly short deadline. I was incredibly relieved. It's customer care like this that makes some stressful things, that much easier. Hopefully everything works out with the Visa application for her family (I'm confident that it will), it means the world to her that her father walk her down the aisle. I'll keep you guys posted.