I've used ADT at at least 4 other places over 20 or more years without a problem. In southern New Mexio, served out of the EL Paso , TX ADT office it is only a disaster.


Equipment originally installed wrong so it breaks off with any movement of the windows. The wireless system hasnt worked for weeks. When the tech Roger came out he said it was installed wrong both inside the house and at the gateway in the garage so it has to be replaced with parts he doesnt have on the truck (i.e. the ones that were the reason for todays appointment) and, even though we have the warranty, we will have to pay ... "unless we complain loudly up the ladder."

They missed that appointment today without explanation and wont rescheduled for another week because Roger is on vacation for a week. So, we have a contract with ADT but it is entirely subject to Roger's vacation schedule.

I would use --any other-- alarm company at this point and will separate from ADT at the earliest opportunity.



Thanks for taking the time to send this information. We'll make sure it gets escalated to the appropriate area. If you'd like to share any additional details, please send them here