I signed up for ADT about 6 months ago in June, and it's unbelievable how bad their customer service is. Also their sales people have no ethics and will say anything to get you to sign the contract, becuase once you sign they will not let you cancel unless you pay a $1,500 early cancelation fee (Do not believe what they say on the website regarding 6 month cancelation policy, if you read the fine print on the contract, it actually states that you have 48 hrs.)


Summary of my experience below.


Signed up for ADT in July and week using the system i had several false alarms, and received a letter from the city regarding the false alarms and the fee associated with them (FInd out about any registration fee or false alarm fee from your city before signing up). ADT send out a tech, and first thing he says when he notices my dog, is "there is the problem" and after he runs his test he makes clear notes that the flase alarm is being caused by the motion detector, and advice i give customer service a call. I called customer service and to my surprise all they can say reagrding the issue is that do not guranette the motion detector works with pets and they will not be responsible any false alarm fee from the city, then they advice to just not to use the motion detecting function, but that was the main reason i signed up for the system, so i aksed if i can recieve a discount which thet said no, so then i asked if i can cancel becuase i'm not going to use the system without a motion dector, and i noticed on the website about a 6 month cacelation policy. They said no to both request and when i ask to speak to a supervisior they stated that they are all in meeting, and was told " I can cancel you if you really want and we will just send you a $1600 bill". Unbelieveable so if  icancel, i would of paid $300 for install around $43 a month, a $115 registation fee from the city, and now $1600. So the customer service agent pretty much treaten me that if i wanted to cancelled i would of paid over $2000 for 5 months of service which i never was able to use because of faulty equipment, and if i try to use it again and i'm positve that i will start recieveing more fee from the city for faulty alarms which ADT states their not responsible for becuase they do not guranette the motion detector works with pets of any wiegjht. Now i just have  to keep the system and just use it for whenever I'm out of town with my dog, and will cancel when my contract is over, i dont really have a choice, SO BE VERY CAREFUL BEFORE SIGNING UP for ADT.