I called ADT last Thursday about an error message on my alarm panel. As of Today, 11/4/2015 or six days after my initial call, no one from ADT has made an attempt to contact me. What has happened to USAA/ADT customer service? I need help. And I think USAA needs to re-evaluate it's association with ADT.


Hi Mike1955,


I am sorry to hear that you have not yet heard back. Please send us a message here with the details above. A member services representative will be able to direct you to the department that handles this. Thank you.

I have had frustrating issues with ADT as well in Midlothian, VA.  Every time I call, there is an "extremely busy" message and the wait is generally 25 minutes no matter what time of day or night.  I made an appointment for service and took off work.  The day before the appointment, an ADT rep called me to "make an appointment for me".  I replied I already had one, and she said no record of that!  I went through 4 other people on 4 days and was finally told someone would call me the following Friday.  No one called until Sunday!  I FINALLY got the ADT rep out.  He said he fixed the problem.  The problem has started again one day later and my pad continues beeping untill I bypass the problem areas which now I have to reset every time I set the system.  Someone finally answerwed the phone after a long wait and the first available appointment is November 17th! USAA needs to find another security company for members - ADT is no longer an asset.

I am also experiencing extreme customer service delays when contacting ADT for Customer Service through the USAA service number.  I live in the Los  Angeles area. I used to be able to obtain service on our system withing 24-48 hours tops since we pay for the maintenance plan with them.  Now, they are booking appointments for 5-7 days after your system first starts experiencing a problem and you wait on hold for 45 minutes plus to see if they can book you earlier which they can't.  USAA should really reevaluate partnering with them.  

 I agree with your comments nad your restrain (langage).  We have been ADT customer for as long as we been in house (10+ years).  When my wife called recently about a low battery they don't provide that service unless you want to pay extra ($97 for installing a battery in a smoke detector).  They changed the policy and have out sourced that part of thier business.  I'm sorry you had to go thru this painful process.

Thank you all for letting us know of the issues your are currently having. We have passed this along to our support team who handles all ADT service related issues. Thank you.

So far the event went off without a hitch except having to call back to confirm an appointment.  The only problem was the message given was to a number that only worked during the day.  Once again got thru the USAA rep to accomplish the mission.  We have a lot of old ADT equipment that needs to be updated; another time for that

Thank you for the updateWizardoflD56.


We just searched for the battery and installed it our self when ours ran out of juice.