I have been with ADT for over 2 years through USAA discount.  I was told that after my 2 years with ADT that they can no longer hold me under contract.  I moved over a year ago, which they ended up charging me for both establishments, yet I am unable to cancel them due to moving activated a new contract.  I was assured that they were unable to place me on contract after the two years and that I could continue as long as I wanted too.  This is not the case and they have me locked in for two more years after moving.  Am I not understanding what was first told to me? Can you please look into this? I want to end my service with them because I am switching to AT&T under their new monitoring system.  I can see that ADT has horrible reviews based on their extending your contract after you move.  I do not see how USAA can support this type of company.  Please help me resolve this. I want to cancel them completely because I have already signed an agreement with AT&T to start at the end of this month.  ADT just told me that I have them until OCT 2016 because they extended me two more years from my move.



Hi Alti,


I appreciate you reaching out in Community. I have passed this along and will have a representative reach out to you in order to assist. Thank you.

Hi Atli,

It is my understanding you have spoken with a member service representative. I wanted to check in and make sure you got everything you needed? Thank you!

Hi Atli,

ADT is waiting for a call back from you to make sure this issue is resolved. Please let me know if I can do anything further to help! Thank you