Do you guys recommend a similar style bank? Do I have to sell all my stocks in my investments or can I transfer them to another bank? My Nintendo stock is doing well and I don't want to sell it just yet but I also don't want to be your customer.


@DannyMac0607   You should be able to transfer your stocks to another brokerage firm/bank without selling them.  Set up the account at the other bank/brokerage firm and have them request the stocks be transferred from USAA in kind.   If there is basis associated with your stocks, the basis must also be transferred over to the new bank/brokerage firm by law.  The basis may not transfer right away - it may take 6-8 weeks.  USAA will charge a fee for closing your account - or you could keep the absolute minimum (I think it may be $100) in the USAA investment account so you won't be charged the fee.  


If you happen to have any USAA mutual funds in your portfolio, those may not be able to be transferred and would have to be sold.