A Warning to Veterans,


There are many positive stories on here about USAA, this is not one of them.  I am just one person; there are probably tens-of-thousands of satisfied USAA members out there who don't worry about feeding their kids, keeping a roof over their head, or providing for their family's general well being.  Thanks to USAA those things are in question for me an my family.  Briefly, this is our story...


We've been members of USAA for almost 13 years after a collective 13 years of Marine Corps servce between my wife and I (her a Sgt. with 5 years, me a SSgt. with 9 years).  We joined USAA for it's connection to the military, it's competitive prices, and because we felt that it was a company that cared for veterans.  We've owned three homes now, each insured through USAA our latest home is in New Hampshire; we purchased the home in late May 2013.


The homebuying process is an extremely stressful one, especially when applying for a VA mortgage.  We completed the paperwork, jumped through the hoops, passed the home inspections.  Shortly after moving into our new home USAA sent the home inspector; he quickly began picking apart the home (which he was familiar with from his childhood).  He left me with a sour feeling in my stomach and concern for our future.  But I took a deep breathe and believed that USAA would care for us and the inspection would not be a major concern.


The insurance inspection was completed in July, about a month later we received the letter from USAA, 'replace your roof, fix your foundation, and repair the handrail on your stairs by February or we will "non-renew your policy" '.  We were devastated; how would we afford these repairs?  We had only  been in the house three months!  How did the home inspection not catch the issues?  We pleaded with USAA for an extension so that we could make it through the winter; they denied our requests.


We've made it through the winter; it's a very cold January here in New Hampshire.  I personally repaired the railing on the stairs and made the necessary patches to the foundation.  The roof was replaced by a dedicated team of roofers who braved single-digit temperatures to replace shingles that to them "looked fine".  We have a brand new roof on our hose that neither we nor USAA will have to worry about for many years to come.  We also have a new set of bills that will make the next seven years for us very difficult.  We did not expect to have to replace the roof having been through multiple inspections before purchasing the home.  Three independant roofers told us the roof looked fine and didn't need to be replaced.  In the end it was the word of one insurance inspector, and USAA's unwillingness to compromise that has led us to this place.


It pains me to write such a negative review of a company that advertises a culture of helping veterans; a company that has been there for us for the past 13 years.  I am one man, one Marine, one USAA member with a negative experience.  My story will not change USAA's policies, won't pay my bills, won't change anything about my family's present or our future.  But if I can save one other veteran from going through what we have been through these past five months, then my words are not wasted.  


Beware of USAA; they are an insurance company just like any other.  They don't care if you've served your country, if you have mouths to feed, if you are struggling.  They care about their investments, and their bottom line.  In your time of need it won't matter who you are or what you have sacrificed you will be just another number, another risk, another threat to their margins.  If you are reading this I wish you and your family well; and good luck to you in this new year 2014.


Semper Fi

SSgt R.



This both troubling...and gratifying to read.

Troubling, because of the trouble is caused another veteran by another company that like to sing "hey everybody! We're okay! We love out veterans!"...and gratifying, because I'm not the only one. Though, I wouldn't presume to measure these issues against yours.

First, while logged in to my USAA account, I opted to briefly look to see what options I would get when using the USAA Car Buying Tool.  I found nothing special and did not ask for any car dealers to follow up with me;  I signed out of my account.  Approximately, 45 minutes later, I started receiving telephone calls and emails from dealers in the area that wanted to sell me a car.  After some research, I discovered that the "tool" was actually hosted by another company.  No warning was given that I was leaving the USAA site.  The other company had doctored their site to show the same font's, logo's and color scheme's as the USAA site, so that I thought I was still looking at the USAA site.  My personal information had been shared with this other company...and this other company had shared my information with car dealers in my area.

Second,  I was just informed by Tony in Executive Resolutions that people have been able to illegally access restricted information with only a first name and agent ID of a USAA employee.

I apologize for not mentioning....

I recorded the call with Tony in Executive Resolutions in which he informs me that people have been able to illegally access restricted information with only a first name and agent ID of a USAA employee.

It saddens to hear this. USAA has grown so large and has continued to outsource so much that the problems members are having are mounting. The personalized service seems to be a thing of the past.
Its very sad you guys had trouble with usaa over the house. I think your problem should be more with inspector and what his final report was to usaa. He could've stated that the roof was in danger of collapsing. Im by no means defending usaa because I've also had some difficulties with them, but their positives have out weighed the negatives by far. All these corporations are greedy when it comes to the bottom line. Usaa is just proven to be a little nicer to us veterans then the rest. Not great, just a little nicer.........most of the time.
So that makes it ok because they are a little nicer! Not acceptable! If vets had cared only a little ,I dare say where our country would be !