I became a Army Warrant Officer Helicopter Pilot in 1967 and immediately was awarded a years posting to Vietnam, just like everybody else. So after a year I came back home to the US with almost a whole years pay and the burning desire for the newest, fastest, hottest car my savings would allow. To my mind this turned out to be a brand new 1969 American Motors AMX coupe with the biggest engine available and a manual transmission. In my youthful wisdom I decided not to waste money on anything as frivolous as air conditioning...This car put the meaning into that fine old term, "Low Earth Orbit".

My very first car, waiting for me when I got off the plane, and I needed some insurance. I had a temporary 30 day policy the dealer had arranged but I remembered my flight instructors telling me in no uncertain terms, that if by some miracle I actually became a Warrant Officer, I would use a thing called USAA. OK, so I needed some, but it is down in San Antonio, Texas and I am in NE Oklahoma. Road Trip....

I had no idea how to buy insurance so I just drove down, parked the car, and walked in the front door at USAA HQ. In those days there was no internet, and not all that many interstate highways either. The lady at the front desk took it all in stride and after reviewing the title papers told me that I could be a member and could be insured. I very well remember her outstanding comment. "It will cost you $400 for six months full coverage, that car must be made out of gold".

Well, I was only 22 years old, single, and the car was about 400 hp.....

Been a happy camper with USAA ever since.



WOW, what a story! I admit, I had to look up the car on the internet to fully grasp it's awesomeness. Now that I have, I understand why you loved it so much. Your membership means the world to us and we're thrilled to hear that we've taken great care of you for almost 45 years.