I have been with you for six years.  I currently have a Credit Card, CD, Savings and Checking account with you.   I was forced to open a new Checking account several months ago due to my security being compromised; when this was done, I wasn't informed by the rep that by opening a new account my "history" would be wiped out as well.


Since the new account has been open (over 5 months now) EVERY time I go to make a deposit, you place the funds on hold.   The checks that are being deposited are not checks written by my grandmother for a birthday present, but PAYCHECKS from a disability company - they don't offer direct deposit.   


I understand that you guys have to protect your bottom line, however you should know by now that a fortune 500 company isn't going to bounce checks.   I am tired of waiting for my money to post to my bank account.    I keep hoping that this will go away and try to think of the customer service in wanting to keep this bank however I am starting to get to the end of my rope.


If you guys insist on keeping my deposits on hold and then citing the "fine print" of your deposit agreement, I will walk down the block to Bank of America (who has no problem making the funds avaiable) and open an acccount with them.  I would rather pay the $4.95 monthly charge if it would assure me that I have access to my money - many of your customers live paycheck to paycheck and can't keep having to wait for access to my money.


Banks usually assign a customer ID number of some sort to all account holders. You should ask USAA to link the old account information to your new account so that the "history" stays with your customer ID. Surely there are others with more than one account history to maintain. Good luck...



Called and spoke to Customer Service, they stated what I was previously told, that account history doesn't transfer to new accounts...I asked what the point was having a customer ID (USAA Member Number) if it didn't keep history and they said that was just how the system works.



Yes they are holding money in my asset managment account for 4 days.   Which was a surprise today.   For the last several years, I was able to transfer it to my checking instantly.   Now this?   


I have to find another service that allows clients to access money when they possess your money.   


I know why they hold it.    So they ain't fooling nobody.    What happen to the USAA I was with?  These changes are not what I expected from an affliated military bank. 

Had the last straw with them today - they held a Social Security Check - cancelling my accounts and going to Bank of America down the road.