My car was broken into while on a bisness trip. No matter how many times i told the representatives i had to have the busted window fixed today because it was now unsecure they kept wanting to schedule a service for next day or end of week. Some suggested to leave car parked at my hotel and take valuebles out. Thats not going to keep someone from taking the radio or the car itself with such easy access. One person told me i my self could look up other places to fix my car. For the 100th time i had to explain i am out of town. No computer to look up places and cant even get out the car afraid to leave it wide open. I kept getting transfered to those that help with glass service and disconnected from the claims dept. After many attempts of calling over and over i finally got someone who came up with a plan to tow the car and send it to storage then send to auto place in morning. Next morning i am to pick up a rental. If some one had this bright idea at 240-3pm instead at 730pm i would not be late for work the next day. Im so upset i pay into insurance and felt left on my own to find a solution while others where left at a lost. Sitting in a busted car with my 3yr old for that long. This is a no go


That sucks to have that happen while you are away from home.  Sounds like USAA representatives went out of their way to try and help you out.  Not really sure it would be their job to jump through hoops to accommodate you..


As an insurance company, they are responsible to ensure that your reimbursed in accordance with your policy and possible provide you with a referral to a company that can get it fixed for you.  They cannot force someplace to do the work on your schedule.  If you don't like their referral, then you are free to use someone else, but then it up to you to do the leg work.


I don't think you would have got half the help from another insurance company that you received from USAA.



I am so very sorry for the delays you encountered. I cannot imagine how frustrating this situation was with your young child and being out of town. I specialist will be reaching out to you shortly to get more information and to learn what could be done better in the future. We thank you for taking the time to share your experience and look forward to speaking with you.