We have encouraged friends and family to join the USAA Family for most of the 46 years we have been members.  However, at this point in time, we would never encourage or promote utilizing the services of USAA.  While we had an issue on another subject a few months ago, now our son is having issues, holding of a deposited check for 10 days.   3 days, understandable, 10 days, not so.    He has shared everything, including paperwork with us, and we do not understand the reasoning for a 10 day hold, which I see many of you have had the unfortunate experience also.  It seems to be haphazard.   Even when he was laid off, everyone else worked with him,  with the exception of USAA.   The first question arises, why in heaven's name would they hold a check for 10 days.  Are they trying to make people have late payments?  Also, he was told by someone at the Bank the only way to get rid of the hold is to pay his credit card off.   The Bank that services the credit card, however, insists they know nothing about this and it isn't coming from them.   Funny, but both are USAA Banks.    I am in the process of finding administrative and board members names and mailing addresses.  I plan on writing these people, as well as State and Federal Banking Commission Officials.   My suggestion to you is to do the same.  Little by little, after 46 years, we will be finding services elsewhere.


great comment and so true.  its been 20+ years for me, before leaving.  i have now transferred all of my investment accounts, next step all of the banking.  its a HUGE pain in the A**, but it will be worth it to finally be rid of these clowns.  i hope they go under in 6 months.  at some point, someone over there might have enough sense to realize it is a lot cheaper and less effort to keep an existing customer, than to get a new one. 


Hope you enjoy where ever you go. Apparently you still care about USAA by showing up on their website and sharing how much you discourage their service. You both have been longer customers than me 10 years, but by seeing the time you spent in posting on this website shows immaturity. Every bank has some issues, just work through them just like problems.
1) If they have 46 continuous service with USAA, chances are that they are retired and have the time.
2) Apparently, you have no concept of loyalty to an institution for that long of time only to be discarded to the ‘expendable’ category.
3) You are rude and arrogant.

Well, immaturity, I don't think so.  I do wish you luck.  As I mentioned, it was a great company.  Something has happened the past few years....maybe as with all companies that grow bigger and bigger, it changes.  I do care about USAA, but I don't think, for any bank, holding a persons deposit for 10 days is correct, and is counterproductive.

Kittrav, it wasn't cash deposited....it was a deposited CHECK. Depending on where the check came from, the size of the check, the avg balance of the member, and the bank normal procedure for checks, they can be anywhere from one day to 18 days to clear! I gguess it pays to know a little about bank procedures. Holds for depositedchecks are not all that uncommon, and is how check cashing companies make their money.

Just had a similar experience with these clowns.  Always had my pay direct deposited and every two weeks deposited other checks from work.  Out of the blue they put a hold on my check for TWO WEEKS with no other expanation other than "that's what we can do"


I used their app to deposit and get access to the funds right away like always, it was very important.  After a forty minute phone call, most of it being on hold and fighting with three different idiots I got the funds to clear.


READ THE SMALL PRINT ON WHAT THEY CAN DO.  It will open your eyes.  I'm very much looking forward moving all of my business to my other credit union that has always treated me right.

Actually I have never heard of 18 days.  I've heard of 3 or 5 days, when the internet etc. was not used 

as it is today.  Maybe things have changed, as I've mentioned, I've only been with one company, we are not bank hoppers.  However, I still feel it is wrong, given the day and age we live in and the instantaneous-ness the internet provides.

The hold disclosure is in the depository agreement



Scanned deposits are generally held longer than deposits made in person or by mail (or courier).  See page 19 of the above linked document. 


The paragraph above the funds availability table says:

Remote Deposit Capture and Similar Services
The availability periods described in this section do not apply to funds submitted through FSB’s USAA Deposit@Home, USAA Deposit@Mobile, USAA EasyDeposit, other remote check deposit or remote deposit capture services, ACH debit transactions (where FSB drafts funds from (debits) a non-USAA account for deposit into your FSB account), or other similar services. FSB will hold the funds for up to seven business days from the date of deposit. In some instances, funds may be available sooner than seven business days based on such factors as credit worthiness, the length and extent of your relationship with FSB and its affiliates, transaction and experience history, and such other factors as FSB, in its sole discretion, deems relevant.

These have all been given to us either when we opend the account (I opened mine long before deposit@anything was available) or when those services were introduced. 


If you want it credited faster get the paper item to them either in person, by mail, or by courier.    This seems to be an ongoing complaint and yet the answer has alerady been provided to us before we made that deposit.   

"727" I understand the disclosure, and can understand as I stated above, 3, 5, even 7 days due to weekends, but when it gets to 14 or 18 days it is counterproductive and punitive.  I have had this happen to a relative and not me.  But from what I have read here, and my relative, it is very counterproductive.  Afterall, maybe some of those funds were going to be used for a payment to the FSB.