Disappointed in usaa in last ten years... Used to do a few things extremely well for a few clients. now does
many things for many clients marginally. What's with the decline ? Maybe new blood in home office is overdue, less MBAs & more o3 & e8 on mgt list.
Sad to see such a decline in proud org. With a little effort us vets can get better service/value/opportunities in the commercial market. Recommend usaa? At best, maybe... Expect too much? Based on history, nope.
Want details? Stay tuned...
Anybody in San Antonio read this stuff?

PS. This isn't the place to go into details, just an overview of chronic probs - acute matters/personal issues are for another venue.


Wow. Shaking my head.

I agree with San Antonio comment. A Management problem exists.

I Have been a member for >20 years.

The USAA group has lost their customer service focus.

I am tired of being transfered from one person to another and calls not being returned.

Changing my brokerage account and will follow with my homeowners, auto, and credit card soon to a company that actually cares and provides prompt customer service.

Once a proud USAA member.


Thank you all for taking the time to share your feedback. We value your membership and want to make sure your concerns are escalated. Please use this link to provide your contact information and we'll reach out to you soon for more details. 

I've been a member with USAA for over 40 years.  It saddens me to think about moving to another insurance company as I have my home, auto, finance and mortgage services through USAA.  My mortgage experience with USAA was one of the worst closings I have ever experienced.  After 5 delays because USAA and their local representative could not get the paperwork together, we closed 8 weeks late!  No excuse for that.  


Home and auto insurance continue to climb and are no longer competitive with other insurers.   Their explanation was "we have to cover our costs due to other insured losses."  Huh?  Why am I paying for other careless drivers?  Raise their rates or drop them - period.  Three of my four children have dropped their auto and home coverages through USAA in favor of better and cheaper coverage by other companies.


As for service, I think USAA has gotten too big and has lost sight of who their original clients were.  They've gotten greedy and want to be everything to everyone. 

I agree with the comments made regarding USAAs decline in service.  They priced my 80 year old widowed mother out of her home.  The people are always very polite when you call, but you can call them three days in a row regarding the same issue, and you will receive three entirely different answers.  


My latest problem was when they generated a stolen auto report on my car, which is parked in my garage.  I understand how the mistake was made (they blamed it on outsourcing), and was satisfied when they said they would make the report disappear as though it never existed, yet it's still showing on my account more than a month later.  


I'm waiting to see how much you are going to rise my Florida homeowners premium because of the bad weather up north this winter.  I'm confident you'll find a way.


Ret-LTC, you are right.  I believe they've become greedy.