The USAA legacy begins with me. Both my dad and my father-in-law were enlisted in WWll, Korea, and Viet Nam, and as such were not eligible for USAA at the time. I was drafted in 1967 at the age of 20, and ended up as a WOC (Warrant Officer Candidate) learning to fly helicopters. Someone, and I don't remember who, but someone who was older, wiser, or smarter than I was at the time, suggested that I join USAA for insurance coverage. I did. Today I have all my insurance, life, home, auto, literally everything through USAA. Not to mention almost all of our retirement, banking and investments. Needless to say our kids and eventually our grandkids will be dedicated USAA members for life. Two anecdotes, why I love USAA: First is when I get a "cold call" from an insurance company. Mr. Stahl, we can save you money on your auto insurance...would you like a quote? Sure, I respond. Do you mind if I ask who you are currently insured through? Yes, I'm insured through USAA. Short pause...Oh, they're a good company, thank you for your time...conversation over. And second is when I got my "40 YEAR MEMBER" sticker. My kids will tell you that I'm not a "sticker" sort of guy, but boy, I couldn't wait to put that sticker on my truck. FOUR DECADES belonging to the best insurance company on the just doesn't get much better than that! Not only that, but I tried to think back and didn't recall ever seeing but maybe one or two of those stickers in the Seattle eastside area, ever...excellent! A day, maybe two later, my wife and I went to a movie and I parked next to a car with a "HALF CENTURY USAA MEMBER" sticker in the window. I immediately had "sticker envy". After the movie we arrived at our car at the same time as the USAA half century members did and I had the great pleasure of talking to them (him) for a few minutes. He didn't brag, or drop any names, but reading between the lines he was a very humble senior officer, possibly general grade, who was just as proud of his USAA membership and service as I am. Thank you for everything that you do, and keep it up for my family well into future generations. Sincerely, Clark B. Stahl CW4 USAR, Retired