As an Army brat, born in Germany in an Air Force hospital, delivered by a Navy Doctor, who is currently married to the USAF and Mom to an air Force brat, I think I can say it's in my blood. As for USAA, I was added to my parents policy as a 15 yr old new driver in 1973. I didn't even realize there was anything else out there. If you were in a military family you were part of the USAA family. To this teen ager, It was a privilege that came from Dad's military service. My children have also grown up with "Grandpa" asking them when they were making car buying decisions, considering life insurance, home buying or any investment..."Did you check with USAA on that?" Everything started with...What did USAA tell you?" My grandchildren will also have the opportunities of USAA and be 4th generation members, as their parents are military personnel. There are a lot of sacrifices that come with being born into 'the service'....but peace of mind isn't one of them...thank goodness. Last fall my Dad passed away and a representative at USAA held Mom's hand through the whole transition. Something that is a blessing since "Mom" is 85. I don't remember a time in my life when I didnt' know the USAA phone number and my member number. Thanks for being there through the generations.