I have been a legacy member for over 20 years. My grandfather was a WWII/Korean veteran. He entered the army at 17 years old with hardly anything and retired a captain. My dad was drafted for the Vietnam war and while he did not retire from the army, he did retire from the DOD. When I was growing up our insurance was/has always been USAA. It was like there was no other consideration for our families. When I bought my first house, I got my mortgage through USAA. I use all of my insurance, banking, financial services through USAA. I have never considered any other insurance/bank/mortgage company. I have even enrolled my 3 children. I know that I should not put all of my eggs in one basket but after being an active member myself for 20 years how could I go wrong. As a legacy, I would have never had access to USAA products if it had not been for my grandfather and his service. I consider use of your bank a gift from him.


This story is like mine. My Dad served in WWII, Korea, and the cold war; he had 24 years in the Army, retiring as a Major. His USAA member number had 5 digits. Mine has 7, and my children are also USAA members. I've always received stellar, and personal, service from USAA and USAA-CIC, with low costs and high yields.