USAA is a great company except when you have to deal with a 3rd party vender that has a contract to service a product for USAA. One of these situations include Credit Card disputes. I have only a hand full of times had to dispute a credit card charge in my life, and typically you actually talk to a person with your credit card company and they assist you in handling this dispute claim.  This was my first time I have ever had to dispute a Credit Card charge with one of my USAA cards, but I followed their process. After 40 days, and many emails, no return messages or phone calls, I learned that USAA does not handle thier dispute process *( a 3rd party vender) manages this service. They will not talk to you on the phone and only communicate through mail.  They do not follow the credit card benefit guide given to us on the USAA website, but another process / policy created by the 3rd party vender. When I contacted USAA executive services to assists me in this process/resoluation, they stated it was out of their hands since this services is through a vender. This is not the typical service I have come to know with working with USAA after 15 years. In some situations with USAA it is starting to appear USAA is growing too fast and forgetting to take care of their customers first. Due to this situation, I no longer trust to use USAA credit cards since I cannot trust thier dispute process to take care of me in the rare situation I may need real assistance again.


I want my car fixed


I would like a agent to call me to talk about getting my car fix. I was rear end and I really need help



USAA wants AAA to take over my auto claim but my car was damaged by a USSA member. How can USAA wash there hands of my claim and force me to use another insurance company when the claim is against them.  Confused