My husband and I joined USAA in 1976 when he began college as part of the Navy's NESEP program, which used the GI Bill to send active duty enlisted members to college, followed by commissioning as an officer. At that time, USAA membership was restricted to active duty and retired officers and their families, so you can imagine that it was a very special day when our USAA membership cards arrived. Since that day, no one else has handled our car insurance, and USAA also insured our homes until we moved to Tampa a few years ago, where they don't underwrite homes. In 2009, Fed up with rising credit card fees, we moved all of our banking to USAA and have never looked back. Our former bank raised our rates because we paid our balance in full every month, something USAA swore they wouldn't do. They've kept that promise, as they've kept every other promise they've made to us. When hurricane Fran destroyed a 100 year-old oak tree on our property, our neighbors weren't happy that it fell across their lawn. USAA paid to have the tree removed, with no rate hike for us. When our new home was burglarized 2 times in one month, USAA paid both claims and, after learning that we were installing an alarm system, kept our low rates. Every claim has been handled with that same level of integrity and commitment. That's why we're still USAA members and always will be. 


It was June, 1965 and I was on my way to Pensacola to Navy Flight School.  A brand new ensign with a brand new car and of course a USAA auto  insurance policy.  At my first duty station I also took out a renter's insurance policy while we lived in Navy housing at Barbers Point, Hawaii.  We had a number of items stolen from our home and when I reported the theft to USAA I was simply asked to complete a list of the stolen property and my estimate of the present value.  I think it came to about $800.00.  Without any further questions from USAA, a few  weeks later I received a check for $800!!  That is the kind of trust I felt deserved my continued business and supoort.  Isn't it a great feeling when you know that there is a sense of mutual trust between USAA and the policy holder?


Over the past 48 years we have had many different policies with USAA and I always take time to thank the folks on the other end of the phone line for their great service!  Now our children have their auto and home policies through USAA as well.  Yes, we are a USAA family and always will be.