Not a food story.

After a 26 yr relationship I give.

I have always bragged about the hight standard of USAA, primarily due to the support of us as military members. This has now ended. I have experienced an insidious erosion of support and have experienced a terrible Decline in quality. I am now done.

I have 4 children and 1 grandchild. I have closed 11 accounts including all of my investment accounts and insurance accounts. Including myself and my wife and grandchild our effect on USSAA will not even make them/you flinch but I am done.

Support of military members I don't think so. Military membership has nothing to do with it. It is just talk.

I have witnessed a drastic change in USAA in the last few yrs. I hope there is a turn around but poor quality of Auto Insurance and lack of true Customer asupport has forced me to take my business else where? The are nice on the phone but I have never met anyone in person who works for USAA and it has become obvious to me that they do not know me either. Bye!


I too have felt this way for six years, but can not yet close my accounts. I have been a member for over 40 years.

im a 20 year customer with the EXACT same story.  getting my last few insurnace quotes now to get out completely.  couldnt agree more!!!!!!!

Greetings, I encourage you to stick with USAA, at least for insurance purposes. They are the best. I am recently retired and use them for everything, no They do not have the best savings account rates buy that is my only issue with the Bank. I recently had water damage and the mitigation company was at my home within 2 hours, per USAA's policy. The owner told me that all If the other companies allow them 4 hours to respond. I have purchased a couple of hupte's over the year and ever time i've broken cien, i called USAA, an a mechanic respond within a few minutes. I hope you think on it awhile longer before leaving. Blessings...

I'm sorry to hear of your experiences and would like to have our team contact you to discuss what's happened. We strive to provide excellent service to our members, but it seems we missed the mark. Please email a few additional details and your contact information to and we'll contact you soon.  

I was happy w service of all USAA staff for 10 + yrs n didn't experience drop in service after retiring in 2003. My main gripe is when I need them most, have hardship short sale pending, that USAA approved twice within past year (fell through because of buyer) Now have solid buyer n 1st mortgage w NFCU who quickly approved but USAA has been dragging their feet for months and I was recently told basically, Brenda, Loss Mitigation section will get to it when she can and per policy she has another 30 days. I'm a legally blind disabled Vet who went from six figure salary to my E6 retirement as my sole income while lawsuit against Cigna in progress and SSDI hearing won't be until 2/15. I've NEVER missed any payment on any loan w USAA n have great credit but because of that, they don 't seem to care and have no empathy. Fact is I'm one month away from defaulting on both mortgages and have sold/pawned; borrowed from fiends to keep bills paid n have not asked for gov assist although I qualify for food stamps n other fed programs but trying to avoid. After approving SS 2 times and hardship due to medical issues has only gotten worse but USAA refuses to expedite review/approval to release lien so our approved buyer n my 1st mortgage co can get Short sale closed by May, the last month I will be able to meet all obligations. How ur treated when things going well don't matter. The true judge if a service company that brags about going the extra mile for us Vets is when a situation like mine comes up, than I'm treated like a number and can't even speak to a Manager when I call (got auto e-mail from Manager saying he's not available because he is working a special project but he didn't leave info for alternate POC. So I can relate to a few comments above and agree USAA needs to take a fresh look at customer service practices and start practicing what they preach. 19226564