I've had 20 years of experience with USAA and have always trusted the company to assist with any problems I encountered throughout the world during my military career. I decided to use USAA as my main banking and insurance provider since I felt they understood the challenges of PCSs, TDYs and deployments and would be there to help if I needed. I never had any financial problems so I never needed to test my theory.


I recently had a merchant charge me approx $1000 for services that I did not want nor were they delivered. I phoned USAA and let them know of the upcoming charge, again, no goods or services were provided, and had them cancel the card and then reissue a new card. The merchant then charged the new card and USAA reps said that they merchant could have done that with any financial institution. Well I have some words for USAA, but will just close with, then I guess USAA is like every other financial institution and I'll take most of my business elsewhere where I can get better pricing for mediocre service and zero protection/consideration.  20 Year customer...surprises me on the lack of consideration they have for the relationship.


I'm wondering if they've gotten new management, or if they're not treating employees well and are losing the best ones. The transparency is getting bad. They're becoming more like a typical US bank, and less like the USAA we've always known.