I've had USAA for almost 3 years now, I have my checking/savings account, auto insurance, credit card, and auto loan. I've never had problems with any until today. Always thought they had the best customer service until today. I deposit my employers check Friday October. 18.The check was accepted and the funds were available. I wake up on Saturday October 19 and it turns out my account turned into the negative overnight because now they decided to put my check on hold. That is not even the big issue... However when I gave customer service a call to see when the check would be cleared they said October 30! So basically I wait 2 weeks to get paid and another 2 weeks for my money to be available. This is unheard of. I have banked with Marine and Navy Fed and a check is usually cleared within 48hours. I could even understand a week but 2 weeks?!? If someone is only able to pay me with a check I can't turn them down. Customer service made it seem like it was fault when all I'm doing is trusting usaa with my money and hoping my money is available for when I need to use it. I spoke to Gloria and Joseph in checkings.... Apparently they don't have any children they have to worry about feeding or any bills to pay since they found it so normal for me to have to wait so long for MY money to become available to me... I will definitely start looking into other banks and I sure won't call customer service whenever I have another problem because they offer NO RESOLUTION. All I was given was fake apologies, smart comments, and usaa policy.. None of those resolved my issue. Gloria was speaking to me like I was some sort of dummy and just kept repeating herself... They can tell me the usaa policy and procedures for holding checks all day but do they really think sprint, directv, water company, electric company care?! They just want their money! I had to notify sprint today that I could not pay them until the 30th and even they thought this whole situation was insane. I've never been late on any bills and I've never been negative on my account neither. USAA is not going to contact any company I owe money to and explain to them their hold time for checks nor are they going to pay late fees on my bills... There is really not point in me trusting them with my money any longer. I'am beyond disappointed and I really do hope someone from management is reading this. USAA is unprofessional and so are their employees. This is not the first time I deposit a check and this has never happened to me in the past... Take your money and checks elsewhere people!


You are leaving out a significant portion of the story.  USAA does not just randomly decide to place a 2-week hold on a check.  Why not tell us the whole story?

Oh yes they do!  I just wrote a check from my savings acct for a little over $4000, to purchase a used car, and the USAA rep told me today (5 days later, after hearing from the check recipient) that USAA's computer algorithms decided to place a hold on releasing funds from my account (for 10 days)!  He couldn't point me to any specific policy or dollar limit when this happens! It's strictly controlled by man-made computer algorithms, and without any notice provided to the customer.  (That's pretty random in my book, especially since I routinely transfer funds between accounts and other institutions up to USAA's limit of $5000.)  I understand and support security concerns, especially since the check was written to a private party.  However, the least that USAA can do is alert their customers when there might be a questionable check (maybe spell out their policy in black and white beforehand?), rather than subject their customers to a surprise hold on funds, which can't be reduced or expedited in any way.  Customer service?  It's obviously a low priority for USAA.  My temporary tag is going to run out, and consequently, another one of USAA's banking customers is made to look like a financial loser!