2020 Army-Navy Game Welcome

Welcome to the Army-Navy Game group. This is a place for fun and friendly banter and camaraderie to celebrate the epic Army-Navy rivalry! This group is for all members regardless of their allegiances (service branch or football)! 


While we can’t go to the game this year, we still look forward to watching and cheering our team on from the virtual sideline!  


Since Briana Hartzell  and I are both part of Navy families, it’s GO NAVY in our houses! For regular contributor and West Point Grad JJ Montanaro , it’s GO ARMY! What about you?!  


Check out these photos from the 2019 Army-Navy Game: 

USAA Community Photos from 2019 Army Navy Game 1.jpgUSAA Community Photos from 2019 Army Navy Game 2.jpgUSAA Community Photos from 2019 Army Navy Game 3.jpg



Find these photos and more on our USAA Facebook page 


Let us know who you are cheering for, your military connection or just why you love football in the comments.  



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