2019: What is your most memorable game moment?

There are certain football moments that are unforgettable. I can imagine many Army fans remember where they were and who they were with when in 2016 the Army Black Knights ended Navy's 14-game winning streak with their 21-17 victory at their 117th meeting, earning the right to "Sing Second".



My favorite football memory was watching the Superbowl with my family in 1997, when John Elway lead the Denver Broncos to his very first Superbowl victory! My father, who thought they had no chance of wining promised my sister and I a puppy, so the win was made even sweeter because we got a puppy! She was a sweet mutt named Ellie (I’m sure John would have appreciated being the dog’s namesake). The memory still makes me smile; my sister and I embracing, whooping and almost in tears with JOY!


What is your most memorable game moment?

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 Of course, that 2016 Army v Navy game!!   GO ARMY BEAT NAVY! 


One of my favs was the Michigan v Notre Dame game in 2011.  It was Michigan's first night game in the Big House.  It was an amazing experience, if you were there, no matter which side you were on.

Thanks for sharing @Daddy's Suzy !


How neat it must have been to be in the Big House for the first night game!



The Texas A&M and LSU game in 2018 that went into 7 overtimes!


The Texas A&M and LSU game in 2018 that went into 7 overtimes!



That was one heck of a game! That will be a game I too, won't forget (although I am biased since I graduated from Texas A&M)! I was disappointed this years matchup ended in a loss for the Aggies.


What games will you be watching this weekend?


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