What is the best way for military spouses to find employment in their field?

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Try the family center or Red Cross .
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Em Kel
From my experience, you simply have to get out there on employment sites, just like other job seekers. Maintaining a st...

VA loan for shipping container homes??

Is there anyone firmiliar with the shipping container homes and if I can use my VA loan to build/buy one.Thx

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Why hasn't anyone from USAA responded to this? i would really like to know about unconventional type construction mortg...
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Have you made any progress on this goal? I am looking for information about building a container home in Atlanta but ha...

On-Post or Off-Post in Fort Hood, TX?

We are PCSing from Germany to Fort Hood, TX. Currently, I'm looking at living on post due to rumors that traffic during PT is a ni...

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Thank you. This helps a lot. I am considering buying a house since on post housing old, poor maintained, or not worth m...
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From my personal experience, I highly recommend avoiding Killeen area for housing all together. If you think you might ...