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I have a three and two year old, where can I invest my money so they can have their college paid or close, for less financial impact in their near future

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That's a great question. And, in my mind, what's even more exciting about your question is that you are asking it when you still have years to go before the kids head off to college. Here are a few things to consider as you map out a plan for your kids' college:


Crunch the numbers. USAA has a handy calculator that will help you determine how much to save based on what you're trying to accomplish. Like I said, since you're starting early the numbers will be less intimidating than for someone who is getting a late start. 


Take advantage of tax perks. A 529 College Savings Plan can be a great way to put away money for your kids' college. As the name implies, it's designed for that purpose and allows what you save to grow tax-deferred and, if used for qualified education expenses, be withdrawn tax free. Here's an article on the plans that may be helpful. 


Get started. It's great to ask questions, carefully consider your options and map out a plan, but just don't forget the most important thing: get started. All the plans and preparation won't get you any closer to your goal of getting your kids through college without a big debt load, if you don't act.


If you want to discuss the details or have questions, give one of our advisors a call at 800-771-9960.


Good luck.