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USAA VISA use in ATM to obtain local currency

Mar 26, 2017

I need to withdraw from an atm in an airport overseas using my USAA Signature VISA in order to obtain local currency. What is the ...

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No fees with Citi or Capital One.

Ordered New Debit Card

Mar 19, 2017

I ordered a new debit card. I chose the expedited due to the fact I'm in Korea. I did it on a Monday Korea time. I was told I will...

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USAA Social Service
Dear DKNYC212, I regret the confusion, however, expedited shipping is not available to APO addresses. The card will tak...


Feb 26, 2017

Before leaving the country I knew I'd need more cash then I had on me. I called and had my atm limit raised to 800 dollars. When I...

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USAA Social Service
justCarter, hello and thank you for reaching out to us regarding your recent experience with your account. I understand...

international incoming wire transfer fee?

Feb 15, 2017

For the current service member, USAA charge fees for incoming international wire transfer? Also trying to get the house . Is USAA ...

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USAA Social Service
justCarter, we appreciate you taking the time to reach out regarding your loan experience. I'm sorry to hear your exper...
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Usaa offered me the worst loan I've ever seen in my life. Ended up going with a smaller bank. With my credit score that...

Studying abroad

Feb 8, 2017

Don't know where this topic would really fit, so I just put it in "Before You Move". I'm in college and I will be studying abroad ...

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I forgot to mention. Germany is basically cash-only transactions for purchases. Very few germans use credit cards in Ge...
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It should work without any issues. My son is in college in Germany and he uses his USAA debit card to withdraw money fr...


Jan 8, 2017

How best to track TVA paid on credit card?

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USAA Social Service
Hello and thank you for your inquiry. Please confirm what you mean by TVA on a credit card. Thank you! - Darrell

Traveling to Sweden

Nov 22, 2016

Am I charged a transaction fee when I use my debit card for purchases at any retailer while traveling internationally)

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USAA Social Service
roach808 - Thank you for your post in our Community. I understand your concern about ATM fees outside of the U.S. When ...
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I'm having a hard time finding the fees for international ATM withdrawal fees. We're visiting Japan in a few weeks and ...

Living in Germany – Meet Courtney

Oct 14, 2016

Living and working in Germany can be an enjoyable adventure. Check out our interview with Courtney, from the milspouse blog Courtney at Home. Prost!

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