Studying abroad

Studying abroad

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Don't know where this topic would really fit, so I just put it in "Before You Move".


I'm in college and I will be studying abroad in Korea during my Senior Fall Semester. I was curious if my USAA credit card will work with stores over there or if I would just withdraw cash. 


Any input is appreciated. 

Re: Studying abroad

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yes, it will work, but cash is generally easier overseas.

Re: Studying abroad

USAA Social Service's avatar User  USAA Social Service USAA Service

Thank you for your post, NotJunhaSim. Congratulations on your upcoming studies in Korea-- we wish you the best of luck! The USAA credit card can be used in Korea at stores. We also suggest, however, that you always have a backup card in case of emergency, fraud, or a lost or stolen card. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance! -Meredith

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