wanted to get an estimate on car insurance for my daughter. 2012 Volkswagon passat. she is 19


Just wanted to know an approximate amount per month that it would cost to add our daughter to our policy.  No tickets. 


@GGGwGGG, You can quote your daughter and the 2012 Volkswagon on usaa.com by selecting your auto policy under Account Summary, then Add a Vehicle. It will ask if you want to add a driver with this vehicle, and you can enter your daughter's information there. At the coverage screen, you will select Save or Exit, and it will remain as a quote, avoiding a change in your policy.


If you run into any issues or prefer we quote it for you, simply select Help at the top of usaa.com and the automated assistant will direct you to a chat representative. 


Also, keep in mind that our underwriting guidelines stipulate your daughter must be a member of your household (to include away at school) and must be financially dependent on you. If she does not meet those guidelines, we can still quote an auto insurance policy for her, but listed under her name. Hope this helps :) -Danielle