I have been a member of USAA for 10 years auto insurance, renters home insurance, checking and savings and credit accounts and have never experienced inadequate customer service at this level in any years of membership. In December I was hit by a driver who blew a stop sign. At the scene I was feeling pretty confident about the purchase of my new car considering the damage seemed minimal come to find out it was a total loss. This would be my second total loss with USAA and both accidents not at fault might I add. Since initially filling the claim with USAA no one has reached out me at all regarding any status or even to check in with me. In fact, to find out any information I had to call into USAA. The rep assigned to my claim never contacted me even after sending her a message via USAAs claims communication center other than to say she was busy. As I stated before, this is not the first time I have been involved in an accident that was in fact deemed not my fault and can’t remember for the life of me this being handled the same way this claim has been. Certainly, I could understand some level of this customer service had this claim been my fault. The person who hit me’s insurance company (nationwide) has reached out to me more in the first 3 days following the accident and for the life of this claim so far than USAA has during this entire process.  They were slow, unhelpful, provide zero value and had above and beyond horrible customer service. The Total Loss rep assigned to my case was rude and dismissive with my questions during the initial settlement offer. It was as they went out of their way to make sure I was stressed and upset during a troubling time and poured salt on the wounds. This rep also refused to returned voicemails, messages in the communication center and rudely decided to butt into a conversation with another representative I was having to resolve my claim.

You do not really know a company until you have to use them and experience how they treat their customers, especially for an insurance company. They did not return voicemail or phone calls, they were quick to dismiss and made accusations in order to avoid paying for a claim. In my opinion, after such loyalty, USAA is doing a horrible job of “serving me” and helping to make me whole or even striving for that superior loyal customer retention.   I understand you’re a business and need to make money however again, this is accident is not my fault and I feel like USAA is not advocating for my best interests. I will be seriously reconsidering putting any more of my HARD-earned income in USAA any further. 

Here is a timeline of the entire claims process. And let me add that I’m beyond frustrated by this and I hardly think this matter has been handled appropriately or in a timely matter and am ALSO strongly considering filing a complaint with the commissioner of insurance.

  • December 16th accident occurred claim filed; rental reservation made
  • December 17th Nationwide accepted total responsibility
  • Rental car picked up December 20th
  • Car declared a total loss (contacted by Mike Phifer) auto email from total loss department sent out
  • Settlement proposed December 28th- rejected and submitted comparables with tire receipt for readjustment
  • Called USAA to ask for an extension on the rental car (my policy holds a $900 max and was only offered the car for 1 week to make arrangements… the rep was rude and insisted that time frame I had the vehicle was plenty time to make other arrangements despite the ice storm we were having the car was due back or I would incur fees at my own expense. (my previous total loss claim I was able to keep a rental for 21 days) but 1 week is enough “time” to figure out other means after just having a baby and now a total loss
  • Called January 4th (430p) left message with total loss adjuster
  • called January 5th (630p) left message with total loss adjuster
  • called January 8th (215p) spoke to Kathy in the total loss department. Told her I was unable to reach my adjuster and my messages were being unreturned. She resubmitted the documents and said turnaround is 24-48hrs
  • called January 10th (232p) adjuster still unavailable spoke with Tim. Placed on hold for 9 minutes while he reviewed the claim. Said there was an updated settlement claim- YET I WASN’T NOTIFIED BY ANYONE UNTIL I MYSELF CALLED. Rrecommended “I reach out to a team member at x7792 instead of waiting to hear from the adjuster”
  • Called extension given by previous representative January 10 at 430 to further discuss settlement. The call lasted 1hr 18minutes with Felix. Topics to discuss: Why after submitting a list of other comparable vehicles had my readjustment only gone up 470 considering there was still a couple thousand-dollar gap between “ACV” and the comparable in relation to a specific vehicle listed with higher mileage. Stated some options were missing when my vehicle was used against comparison so it couldn’t be used (sunroof, back up cam- my car in fact had these options) never the less he sent it over to the department to reevaluate. Did this twice for 3 different cars.

This gentleman was by far the MOST helpful and MOST pleasant to work with! I really feel like he was listening to me and actually trying to help. Unfortunately, he needs 24hrs to reevaluate

  • The original claims adjuster decided to FINALLY (and rudely considering this conversation was not with her) chime into my conversation with Felix and try to disqualify my listing for readjustment. Mind you these documents were originally submitted to her and went unanswered by her. This will have been the FIRST time I have heard from Raquel (despite leaving MULTIPLE messages as outlined above)

o   Raquel Natal January 10, 2018 at 4:35 p.m. CT

This comparable cannot be used as it is priced higher than the comparables on the report. It is considered an outlier. Comparable vehicle one has less mileage, and has a lower listed price. Thank you

o   Reply: CANDACE MADERO January 10, 2018 at 4:59 p.m. CT

Due to your lack of communication and failure to respond in a timely manner to my requests for contact, I am no longer dealing with you for this claim. Thank you for your lack of help and inability to show compassion at an already stressful time. Other representatives from USAA are handling the situation presently.

  • Called extension given by previous rep January 11 at 1151p (was on hold for 9 minutes before a rep connected to the line) spoke with Nathan. No help. Argued with me about what the definition of Actual cash value was. Nathan actually disconnected the line after asking to be transferred to policy department to cancel my service

I completely and wholey feel screwed and underserved and denied a fair settlement. I will not be recommending or using USAA in the future and will be warning everyone against them!






Hi Candace, We truly value your feedback ad we apologize that you are have a less than pleasant claims experience. I have forwarded your feedback to the total loss claims manager for review and I anticipate you will receive a call within 1-2 business days about your total loss claim. We do value your membership and I am confident that we will do our best to make this situation right for you. Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this matter for you.

Learning the hard way that I've also wasted the past 14 yrs with usaa, which might as well be opposing insurance company for "total loss" even though i was not at fault and no one even suggested this as remote possibility for three weeks. Usaa clearly does not care about its members' time, peace of mind, interests, safety, satisfaction, or loyalty. 

I just wanted to provide an update to anyone who may stumble upon this thread, like I did so many others. USAA total loss department manager Julie reached out to me very quickly after this posting. She wanted to talk about what went wrong and what USAA could do better. Honestly, after reading this feedback is there anything outline that anyone sees USAA did right? She offered to make it right by getting to the bottom of the CCC one issues. But this is where the shady business gets even shadier…

-when asked why a car from my local carmax could not be used on the list of comparable she supplied this answer “Carmax is excluded from comparables due to them being a by here pay here. this offers special financing to individuals and does not present a level playing field for all consumers.”

OK, understandable. But if that is truly the case then why does my list of comparable vehicles have cars listed on it being used to determine value from Carmax at all??? Her answer, because not all locations are by here pay here. If some locations are marked then the entire franchise should be disqualified when it comes to determining vehicles because you can’t say one car at THE EXACT SAME LOCATION is acceptable yet another STILL AT THE SAME LOCATION is not. When called out she laughed and apologized saying she misspoke. Car on my list couldn’t be considered because the location of them were too far away from my home yet their updated evaluation report used cars WELL outside the 250mile zone… its all shady.

She said she would look further into my claims and my previous accident that was archived and give me a call back to continue working toward a resolution. Never heard from her. She actually had Felix, the one and only rep I had a positive interaction with, call me back to ask if I had any further questions and FURTHER put a point on the fact that the cars were outliers. Let me be clear that I don’t have questions only statements regarding unfair unethical and shady business practices.


USAA didn’t get this one right, even given the opportunity to correct the situation or at the very least smooth things over with an apology still did not.

I advise anyone going through a similar to experience.. if you are not happy go to arbitration. I implore you to do your research and reviews of this company or any other you may be considering and know that no matter If you opt for the premium policy USAA has to offer, they will not hold up their end of services when it comes time to use the policy you pay for month in and month out.

I have filed a complaint with numerous consumer watch groups as well as the VA commissioner of insurance to help others avoid being taken advantage of.

Navy Federal Bank and Nationwide insurance now have my business and I will no longer be a consumer or proponent of USAA. After my experience and my family seeing the horrible troubles I’ve gone through, has also reconsidered their membership with USAA and have already begun taking steps to move their hard earned, not well spent, money into other companies.  BUYER BEWARE.

AND not that this matters much but one I thought I’d voice regardless.. when referencing ranking members from a file Your reading in front of you it’s important to get the rank correct.. especially with our combined membership of over 40 years. it’s MASTER SARGENT Madero not Sargent as the representative referred.
To whom it may concern, My Name is Leiha Davis I am writing this letter of grievance to USAA for my Auto policy insurance. On January 22nd I called to report a claim that my vehicle had been broken into. The vehicles window had been smashed out, radio pulled from vehicle, and plenty of other damage had been administered to the vehicle, so much so that it was considered a total loss. I have had a nightmare with this entire process, it has now been 14 days and I do not have a money pay out or resolution for this matter. They want to feel good on their end a say that this was closed out on the 31st of January, but this claim is not settled considering I don’t not have money for a new vehicle. To start off with I had explained in my initial claim that my title had been stolen along with everything else in the break in to my vehicle, from that point I was informed that if I kept the vehicle as a salvage title I would not need to give a title or a copy of a title to them because I was keeping this vehicle as a salvage and the title and the car is hereby mine, I did need to send in the form for salvage title retainment which I did straight away. Along this process this is not the only issue I have encountered, I went to the dealership where my car was being held at to get my things, where was informed that I was being charged $95 a day to hold my car and today would be the last day that the insurance would pay, the dealer said that he had contacted the insurance company to let you know that I needed to pick up the car, in which I got no call. Luckily I had gone in there that day because I would have been charged an outrageous amount of money from my own pocket. While I was at the dealership I made a call to the total loss department trying to close the issue following a call that I had received that morning to close out the claim. As I was on the phone with the total loss department they told me that they could not pay my claim because I had been paying for a North Carolina policy (which was listed as a dealership in north Carolina not a residence) I had called 2 years ago and let you know that I was living in California and needed to change my policy, not to mention I have had renters property insurance with USAA for the Past 2 years. I was informed that I needed to wait so they can re-run my car as it were in North Carolina because that’s what I had been paying for if I were to try to go from California I would need to submit a request waiver that would take longer and I would have to pay USAA back for the insurance, so I let them run it as North Carolina, even though this was your Company’s Mistake I took a $1000 loss for my vehicle. Which brings me to today it is Monday, February 5, 2018 and I am the person who has to call your company because I still do not have any money in my account to close the account and guess what else I do not have a vehicle to drive because you have not given me any money to settle the claim so I call the total loss department this morning and they told me they don’t know why I haven’t been paid yet, then it turns out that I have not been paid because I didn’t give them my title, which was stolen and I was originally told that I would not need the title if I were to keep the vehicle as a salvage. But this entire process it has been me calling and asking questions and taking care of my case on my own when that is your job as a company that is supposed to take care of the armed services. I asked the lady on the phone to extend my rental because I have not been issued a payment for a car there for I do not have one and the rental needs returned on the 7th I cannot walk to work nor do I have another way to get there. I have taken plenty days off of work which I cannot afford to do because all of the inconveniences that your company has caused me I am 1000% over this garbage you have a ton of people working for you that have no idea what6 they6 are doing it is ridiculous that this process has taken so long to resolve. What I am requesting is that I am given more time in a rental vehicle because you have not accurately provided me a way to get around to and from work in particularly I need an extension in a rental vehicle so then when I finally do get a payment that I will be able to have transportation to get a vehicle.

@leiha dav8s, I am sorry to hear about the experience you're having with the claim and we understand your frustration.  Please allow us to research your matter further.  I asked the claims service manager to follow up with you to further discuss your concerns with the claim.  They will be reaching out to you within one business day.  Thanks ~ Robert.

learned the hard way that i've wasted the past 14 yrs with USAA, which does not care about member satisfaction, interests, or loyalty.  despite my early requests for USAA to inspect my car shortly after low-velocity NAF accident, USAA took 3 weeks to declare my car total loss, which also caused me to lose thousands of dollars in end-of-yr carbuying incentives.  USAA couldn't care less that the only reason I was even driving my car was bc foolishly trying to save USAA the costs of rental coverage.  The only thing USAA did quickly was plug car specs into computer, bombard me with quickly generated estimates.  On top of not even pretending to offer guidance or condolences (and cutting off rental car payments without even bothering to tell me), USAA has repeatedly gloated about exactly how it will recover exactly how many dollars and cents from other at-fault insurance companies -- totally crass, USAA is your hated relative who only shows up at funeral in order to brag about inheritance.  Incorrigible, even USAA CEO office committed the exact same offense after escalation.  Leave USAA before USAA makes it crystal clear to YOU that USAA will be anywhere but at your side.     

Maybe if USAA were paying for a rental car they would act a little quickly toward their customers?

@ wrote:

Maybe if USAA were paying for a rental car they would act a little quickly toward their customers?

In my case that was not true at all. I was involved in a wreck on the 6th of February, 2019. I reported it on the 7th and picked up a rental on the 8th. I was in a rental for roughly a month and had to call USAA almost daily for updates regarding my claim. Fortunately given the lack of information regarding my claim USAA was willing to extend the rental period multiple times (though I was told it is not possible to do that by a total loss manager. Turns out that was not the case at all). As of this writing I still have not receieved the settlment amount that was provided to me on the 12th of February and have no real idea why the process has taken so long to begin with.


I'm more than a bit upset due to the fact that the first week of the claim process went smoothly. The other driver admitted fault at the scene and made a statement to the police. There was no negotiation necessary regarding the appraisal of my vehicle. The first few days of the claims process my representative made frequent communication. Everything was great up until I was told the settlement amount.


At this point I have to consider finding a new auto insurance provider. It's a bit ridiculous that I am still making payments on both my auto insurance and the vehicle that I haven't seen in a month and have no idea if or when I will receive the money from the settlement.