Looking to get renters insurance for my son whole he is away at college. Is this offered through USAA and how can I get an estimate?


@Jessica8 -Hi Jessica, we do offer renters insurance, but if your son is an adult he will want to get the policy in his own name. If you added him as a dependent he was issued a USAA member number, he will need this when he first establishes his online profile, and he can get that by calling USAA at 1-800-531-8722. Then he can get a quote at by choosing the Products tab at the top of our webpage, under insurance select renters insurance, then get a free quote. If you have a homeowners policy with USAA and your son is still financially dependent on you, you may want to check with us about getting proof of how he is covered, there would be 10% of your personal belongings coverage on the home extended to him at another residence, as well as liability coverage up to your policy limit. A child away at school has theft coverage if the child resided at their school location within the past 45 days. The student must be under the age of:

  • 24 and the relative of the named insured, or
  • 21 and in the care of the named insured or a relative of the named insured's household. ~Shawna