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Hi you all,I am considering in taking this course offered by AARP called a "Driver Safety Course" for $19.95. This is a 8 hour on line course for drivers over 50. It proposes that I can save money on my car insurance. I have been with USAA for more than 30 years. Does anyone know if by taking and co...
Nuggetsgems, Thanks for a great question. Cash value inside of a life insurance policy can serve as a valuable resource at many different stages of life. It can be used as part of a complex income strategy in your retirement years, or it can be borrowed against if needed in a pinch. There are many u...
My husband and my daughter are my beneficiary's on my life insurance policy. If something happens to me and my husband will my daughter automatically receive the full amount of the policy?
What are my options for increasing my life insurance?
My daughter is attending community college for general ed and will be transferring in fall 2017 to a university. Do you know how the FAFSA works when it looks at the Student's financial assets and the Parent's financial assets? She'll need to get loans, I want to maximize her chances of being able t...
At 53 yrs old, does it make sense to convert my term life ins to an investment acct?
I am moving and want to put my stuff in storage while I find a new home. Can I get an insurance plan to cover my belongings while in storage?