Is there an insurance policy that would cover me the  UK?


Hi @Traveling2U! I'm happy to help. To best assist you, may I ask if you can tell me more about your request? Thanks! ~ Stacy K. 

Living outside of US. Currently not covered by USAA auto, because not available in U from USAA. Have USTouring ins, but was wondering if there was something similar if traveling to the UK?

Oh ok! Thanks for letting us know! If I understand you correctly, are you looking for coverage when you rent a vehicle while traveling in the UK? Or are you seeking coverage for a vehicle you own?  ~ Stacy K. 

No, USAA does not provide coverage in the United Arab Emirates, where we live. So it would just be on a rental. 

To better assist you in your rental coverage, please call our team that handles US Touring Policies at 21-498-2722.  USAA's International team will be able to assist you with the coverage questions for rented vehicles in the UK.  Thank you for trusting USAA with your insurance needs and look forward to hearing from you soon.  ~ Marco