About 3 weeks ago I left a verbal request with a rep regarding my auto liability coverage:  Specifically, to include my son, Jon C. Newman(Member [removed sensitive data]) on my auto coverage ([removed sensitive data]). This is requested because:

1. Jon had previously been excluded as a driver of our cars due to his claim record some years ago--he has had no incidents since.

2. Reality: My wife and I are now in our 80's.  We recently had a situation where we needed Jon to drive us to an ER.  (I was restricted from driving because I had just had surgery 2 days before and my wife need a trip to the hospital.  It would have been easier for Jon to drive our car, but frankly, we did not want to violate the insurance contract. 

I haven't heard from USAA, which is not the usual reaction to a request (I've been a member since 1959), which is usually very prompt.

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce I. Newman, (LT, USNR-Ret)


Hello, @nooms. I certainly understand the inconvenience which a situation like that could bring about. We would be happy to review this for you. Being that it sounds like you have a driver restriction for your son, the best point of contact for this would be our Underwriting team which you can reach by dialing 800-531-8722. Thank you for your membership and trust. We look forward to speaking with you. ~ Steven