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I was involved in 2 accidents within one day The 2nd accident I've noticed the steering is a little weird call the claims adjuster Albert and He refused to provide me a rental threatening me that if they deem the car drivable that they will charge me for all the time that I was in a rental refused to let me speak to a supervisor told me that no supervisors are available and also stated that supervisors are just going to repeat him Why can't USAA provide better management for service members Why does the executive office and management tried to do everything in their power to avoid us we don't deserve this type of treatment Why does Albert have to be a rude claims adjuster My vehicle was involved in 2 different accident within 24 hour period and started to notice steering issues both incidents were never my fault The two other drivers was not paying attention and hit me And this is how I get treated by USAA this is terrible I hope someone in the executive office will read what I'm saying and actually take the time to help me out


I have to sit at home all day with no means of transportation because USAA wants to save money by refusing service members a rental vehicle. They would rather us drive our damaged vehicle that can cause more damage or harm to others or ourselves

@chiefan, not a good way to kick off the new year. I am escalating your concerns to our claims management team.  Please allow 1-2 business days for them to follow up with you. - Ina